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As a specialized organization, working with globally recognised companies as well as interesting start-ups, we help businesses identify and hire the right Engineering professionals for their specific needs. We offer the tools & services to streamline the recruitment process and connect companies with top talent within the Engineering industry.

Some of the specialist areas we recruit for within Engineering include, but not limited to:


Electronics Engineering

Electronic Engineering is a broad subject area, covering: Analogue Electronics & Digital Electronics for Electronics Design Engineers, PCB Engineers, hardware Design Engineers, High Speed Digital Design Specialists, FGPA Engineers & other disciplines within Electronics.

Mechanical Engineering

Focusing on the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems, Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest and oldest engineering disciplines, encompassing a wide range of applications involving the principles of physics, mathematics, and material science.

IC Engineering

The semiconductor market is a global industry involved in the manufacturing and distribution of semiconductors, also known as integrated circuits or microchips. Semiconductors are essential components used in a wide range of electronic devices, from smartphones and computers to automotive systems and industrial equipment.

Manufacturing Engineering

​Manufacturing Engineering is a fascinating industry to work in with roles ranging from robotics working with design engineers to manufacture next-generation surgical robots that will perform life saving surgery, to the manufacturing of radio equipment used by frontline staff across the UK and the world.​

Quality Engineering

​Quality engineering is a discipline that focuses on ensuring the quality and reliability of products and processes throughout their development and lifecycle. A complex but vital area within engineering, and work to businesses budgets to ensure products are produced cost-effectively without compromising on components.